“The Third time, better than the second and the first time”. Lorenc Hasrama “heals” his heart wounds.

Lorenc Hasrama is the artist who, in this festival edition, says: “T’kam dasht’”.

This year, he has chosen a heartfelt ballad, in which he sings to his past love. His interpretation and material underline that the singer “misses her”. On the other hand, the singer responds humorously to the producer, Ardit Gjebrea’s teasing: “ Eh, I am a sensible person”. If we make a summary of Lorenc Hasrama’s songs, it shows that he is a romantic guy, though “hurt inside”, who sings to his lost love.

But, is this his artistic muse or is he really showing that his heart is suffering?
Regarding this, “the author” has decided to leave the end of the song open for interpretation. It is not very much known about Lorenc Hasrama’s private life, but this time he is not saving himself. Interviewed during the rehearsals by “kë”, he shared some more details: To the question: ”Are you single at the moment?”, he answers: “I have always been single”.

On the other hand, to the question: “Who is more important between Lorenc and her?”, he answers shortly: “It is us”.

Anyway, what remains sure is his loyalty, at least, in the scenic aspect. Alongside with his two other songs, “Si të flas” and “Pafund”, he marks three participations in “Kënga Magjike” festival. He describes his third participation as “the third time is better than the second and the first time”.