Vesa Smolica, “stand-by” in love.

Vesa Smolica, a well known name in the musical industry, comes to “Kënga Magjike” festival for the first time. Her principle is “aim at the target with the first shot” and has only one question: “A po gëzohesh?”

From “Gjeniu i vogël” and “Këngët e shekullit”, the singer has produced many successful projects, like: “Kaj”, “Jena na”, “Mbreti i tradhtisë”, etc.Now, she is demanding an account to someone, regarding happiness.But, to whom…?, In front of Ardit Gjebrea’s questions: “How come you sing to betrayal?”, Vesa answers funnily:“We have all experienced betrayals in life. In this case, it is my turn”.

It seems that the song, “A po gëzohesh”, is not only an ironical dedication to Vesa’s “lost” love, but also to everyone being hurt from love. During the songs’ presentation on Monday, Vesa Smolica spoke about her sentimental situation. She told that, if she had a song to describe her feelings, it would be “Stand by me”. We remind you that the singer has joined forces for the realization of her song, “A po gëzohesh?”, with Aida Baraku, Armend Rexhepagiç and Darko Dimitrov, who are well-known for their music of the soul, in which inspiration comes from authors’ tangible stories and events, but who are also famous regarding prizes won through decades, as well. We cannot be sure how much “hurt” Vesa Smolica is at the moment, but one thing is a fact; she has chosen to tell in the competition “A po gëzohesh?”