Alvan’s declaration: “For the sake of love, I would move to Tirana.”   

Alvan is the French artist, who competed during the third week in “BIG International Artist” category, with the song “Calzone”. His competition in “Kënga Magjike” comes after his participation in “Eurovision 2022.”    

On Sunday, during “E diela shqiptare” show, Alvan did not spare his spontaneous replies regarding his stay in Tirana. It is worth mentioning that, a few days ago, Ronela Hajati put a photo in “insta-story”, dining with Alvan, where she wrote: “My friend, finally in Albania”.

The French singer told, as well, how he became part of “Kënga Magjike” festival.I was part of a competition, in which I received a proposal to participate in “Kënga Magjike”, a proposal that I accepted immediately. I have watched videos from all artists who participated in former editions and I have the impression that “Kënga magjike” is a very qualitative festival.”

But, what is his opinion about Tirana?      
“If I fell in love, I would like to buy a house in Tirana”, – he said.

“Anyway, for the moment, music is my only love.” – Alvan added.

Meanwhile, one of our loves is  “CALZONE”, a song regarding girls and pizzas, according to the singer.