Ardit Çuni is a well-known Albanian singer, presenter and TV producer. He became popular with such hits, as: ‘’Jena Na’’, ‘’Je Mama’’, ‘’QAJ’’, and with his vanguard performances in festivals for years now.  He was the first Albanian singer in VEVO platform, since the year 2012. The song “Let’s Go”, produced by the winners of Eurovision 2012 (Loreen/Euphoria), was ranked in Top 20 in Swedish ITunes and Top 100 in Scandinavian Charts. Besides his artistic career, Ardit Çuni has been the Director of TVSH Media Department and Manager of the Albanian Delegation at Eurovizion festival for two times. Ardit Çuni was also engaged in other TV projects, like Big Brother VIP and Dancing With The Stars. He has been participant at “Kënga Magjike” festival for six times. In this edition, his song is “E dije”.