EXCLUSIVE NEWS: The representative of Estonia at “Eurovision 2022”, competes in  “Kēnga Magjike” festival this week.

“Kënga Magjike 2022” expands its geographical borders, bringing to Albania, for the first time, an Estonian artist.

Stefan Airapetjan, otherwise known as STEFAN, is one of the most “IN” artists in Estonia. He started singing when he was a child, but his active music years commenced in 2017.

In 2020, he was announced the winner of “Maskis Laulja”, the Estonian version of “Masked singer”.

He was chosen to represent Estonia in “Eurovision 2022”, where he was  ranked the 13th in the final.

Exclusively, unveils that his competing song on the magic stage is entitled “Never let go”. Get ready for this Sunday!


Eldis Arrnjeti is praying to forget…. But what?

Eldis Arrnjeti is one of the youngest rock singers in the Albanian music history. Even though he has just started his careeer, his voice is highly assessed by proffessional juries. Not further than last December, he “grabbed” the third prize at the “60th RTSH Festival”. Due to this evaluation, Eldis has become automatically part of the “BIG Artist” ccategory.

During the first competition prize, Eldis Arrnjeti told why he is praying:

“I am praying for my family to be well and healthy. I am praying for myself to be happy. When it comes to art, I am praying to forget.”

Exclusively for Eldis said he believes in love, but he is not in love.


“They have made me cry” – Xhesika Polo tells the story behind her song, “Lotët e mi”.

Xhesika Polo is competing at “Kënga Magjike” festival for the seventh time. Her song is entitled “Lotët e mi” and is created by her brother, Marko Polo and Alban Ramosaj.

On the Sunday of the 8th competing week, the singer showed how one of the most particular songs of her repertory was born.

“Let’s say that its content is a true story. I have experienced a very difficult period during the last two-three years. For me, this song is very important, because, for the first time,  I am telling and singing what I have really felt.”

Asked by Ardit Gjebrea who the person that hurt the singer is, Xhesika stated:

“I wouldn’t say the text is dedicated  to only one person. It refers to a lot of people, who made me have tears in my eyes; some intentionally and some not.”

We remind you that “Lotët e mi” marks Xhesika Polo’s seventh participation at “Kënga Magjike” festival, in whose editions she was awarded with various prizes, like: “Çesk Zadeja”, “Best Vocal”, “Çmimi i Produksionit”, “Best FT”, etc.


Anxhela Peristeri: “The altar is not the most important in life”.

The singer, Anxhela Peristeri, competed this Sunday with her song “Kalimtar”.

The champion of “Kënga Magjike 2017” is coming back with a dedication to the passersby of life. We have all had temporary people in our lives, who have chosen to leave signs.

Anxhela’s song serves as a motif to stop these signs. Since the first hours of its publication, the song has been considered as one of the main pretenders for the first prize.

Besides its striking tittle, another fragment of the song raises questions:

“As këtë herë nuk ka altar, e sërish e mbylla derën duke qarë”. (There is no altar even this time, and again I closed the door weeping).

Asked by Ardit Gjebrea, regarding the “altar” issue, Anxhela Peristeri answered:

“Actually, there is no altar this time; not for me, but for the other girls. I could have had, could have or would want to have an altar. But the “altar” is not important in life; important is to find the right man”.

The sentimental situation of the singer is not yet known. But what is sure…if you do not want such songs to be dedicated, do not tend to be passersby.

We recall that this is Angela’s seventh participation at “Kënga Magjike” festival:

1•”Sonte dridhuni” FT. Big Man (“Kënga Magjike 2005”)
2•”Ai po ikën” (“Kënga Magjike 2014”)
3•”T’kam bërë të qash” FT. Erik Lloshi (“Kënga Magjike 2015”)
4•”Gënjeshtar” (“Kënga Magjike 2016”)
5•”E çmendur” (“Kënga Magjike 2017”)
6•”Dikush i imi” (“Kënga Magjike 2019”)
7•”Kalimtar” (“Kënga Magjike 2022”)


23 magic years. “Kënga Magjike” festival celebrates its birthday today. 

October 13,1999 would mark an evolution in the musical industry. It was precisely this date that brought Ardit Gjebra, the ideator and author of a new light music festival. 

“Kënga Magjike ‘99” would be the innovation in the festivals’ music, an edition that brought together various generations on stage.

It is worth mentioning that the first edition was a mixture of “traditional” light music, represented by a generations of singers, like: Gaqo Çako, Kozma Dushi, Liliana Kondakçi, Ema Qazimi, Myfarete Laze and the rock, alternative, r&b music, interpreted by Adelina Ismaili, Spirit Voice Band, The Dreams, Rovena Dilo, Jonida Maliqi, Irma Libohova, Kristi Popa, etc.

23 years have passed and “Kënga Magjike” festival has become a key element in the Albanian light music, with over 1000 songs created by Albanian and foreign artists. 

During the festival’s artistic journey, a European standard is established, in regard to its musical productions and artistic performances.

For years now, foreign artists take into consideration the Albanian stage.

This is the 23d most international festival edition, because of its geographical reach through eleven countries.

Artists from Albania, Italy, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Estonia, Azerbaijan, USA, etc., are competing at the magic festival with their artistic potential.

For the first time, as well, there will be four final nights; one of them will be the International night.

We remind you we are on the fifth week of competition and many other magic weeks are awaiting. 

Below, you will find the list of previous festival winners: 

1999-Elsa Lila-“Vetëm një fjalë”

2000-Irma & Eranda Libohova – “1000 ëndrra”

2001-Pirro Çako & Rovena Dilo – “Për një çast më ndali zemra”

2002-Mira Konçi – “E pathëna fjalë”

2003-Ema Bytyqi – “Ku je ti?”

2004-Irma Libohova – “Prapë tek ti do të vijL

2005-Genta Ismajli – “Nuk dua tjetër”

2006-Armend Rexhepagiqi – “Kur dashuria vdes”

2007-Aurela Gaçe – “Hape veten”

2008-Jonida Maliqi – “Njëri nga ata”

2009-Eliza Hoxha & Rosela – “Rruga e zemrës”

2010-Juliana Pasha & Luiz Ejlli – “Sa e shite zemrën”

2011-Redon Makashi – “Më ler të fle”

2012-Alban Skënderaj – “Refuzoj”

2013-Besa Kokëdhima – “Tatuazh në zemër”

2014-Aurela Gaçe & Young Zerka – “Pa kontroll”

2015-Aurela Gaçe – “Akoma jo”

2016-Rozana Radi – “Ma thuaj ti”

2017-Anxhela Peristeri – “E çmendur”

2018-Flori Mumajesi – “Plas”

2019-Eneda Tarifa – “Ma zgjat dorën”

2021-Alban Ramosaj – “Thikat e mia”


“Another” Love, like Mateus Frrokut’s.

Mateus Frroku is back at “Kënga Magjike” festival after seven years. On Sunday, among ovations, he presented his song, “Tjetër”. 

The title leaves space for questions. But surely, Matus knows how to answer them, being diplomatic at the same time.

As rarely ever, he shared a few details of his personal and sentimental life with the public.

“The song speaks about another love, though I believe that my love proportion will remain mine and of the girl I will have beside me”.

Though the artist seems he is having a happy sentimental life, the song describes an alienated  love, full of pain…  

It looks like Mateus is searching to show us his old wounds, with this super ballad.


Inis Neziri comes with a dedication: “Më kanë thyer zemrën.”

She is back! Inis Neziri shared her melody with us. A powerful ballad, the same as Inis’ emotions. Someone has “stolen” the singer’s melody, and surely such a feeling is better expressed through a song.

Exclusively for “Kënga Magjike”, Inis Neziri unveils that her song is a personal dedication.

“This song is a dedication from the heart. Someone called me “melody” and then left me with “no pentagram.” He grabbed my heart and broke it”, – the singer said on Sunday.

She continued that, out of her repertory, her ballad is the most meaningful, as it is a personal narrative story.

We remind you that this is Inis’ third participation at “Kënga Magjike” festival. We hope it is also the best.


Omar Naber wants to have everything under control.

The artist, who opened the sixth week of competition is called Omar Naber, from Slovenia.

After various scenic experiences in different places and also the  participations at important festivals, like “Eurovision”, Omar comes to the magic stage with his song, “Bring Back”.

On Sunday, during the presentation phase, the singer told the presenter and producer, Ardit Gjebrea, that he gets inspiration from the smallest common things and that he likes meeting people from different cultures. 

Now, it’s the turn of the Albanian culture.

Besides this, the Slovenian singer said he wants to have everything under control, including personal and artistic details. He mentioned that he even likes to create his songs by himself.


“Andrea” and “We are Domi”, representatives of their countries at “Eurovision”, will compete at “Kënga Magjike” this week.

It is not a secret anymore. “Kënga Magjike” festival is taking its international form and artists from different  nationalities, sharing various artististic experiences, are being unveiled every week.

Until now, nine foreign competitors have been  presented, among whom two performing bands, as well.

Exclusively,, unveils the “Big” category artists, who will compete on the seventh week this Sunday. Their common denominator is that they have all touched the “Eurovision 2022” stage.

Andrea comes from Skopie. In May 2022, he represented Northern Macedonia at  “Eurovision”, with the song  “Circles”.

Besides Andreas, the geographical reach expands with the Czech Republic.

The band, “We Are Domi”, will also compete at “Kënga Magjike” festival. 

Like Andrea, they were also present at “Eurovision 2022″.

Andrea’s song is “Telepatija”, while the song of “We Are Domi” band is “Alive”. 

Get ready!!!


EXCLUSIVE:The Slovenian representative at Eurovision festival will compete at “Kënga Magjike” this week.

The producer Ardit Gjebrea has posted a story today, showing us a singer rehearsing in his office and under the writing, the Slovenian flag. 

The moment to unveil another surprise has come:

“A Slovenian male artist, who has represented his country, Slovenia, twice at Eurovision festival, will compete at “Kënga Magjike” this week. 

But, who is the singer of the “BIG International” category?

Omar Naber is a very well- known name, not only in Slovenia, but also in Europe.  The songwriter Naber shares a wide range of stage experiences and has a 25-year career, in which he has won prizes and has received various appreciations.

His musical career started at 16 years old.

In 2005, he represented Slovenia at Eurovision festival, an experience that he repeated in 2017, becoming the first male singer in Slovenia to compete at Eurovision twice.

We exclusively unveil his song, entitled “Bring back”, which will have its premiere this Sunday.