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Dea Pasha was born in Dublin, Ireland. Her beginnings were when she was 4-5 years old, when she started following singing and piano courses. At ten years old, Dea registered her first Cover in a professional studio. In Dublin, she participated in the auditions of “Next Star Production” coming from Los Angeles, in which she was chosen to go to LA, where in front of a jury made of 25 members, she was chosen for singing and modelling from three of them. One was based in New York and two in Los Angeles. In another audition, this time on online “Vocalstar”, also held in  LA, Dea Pasha was selected by a ‘production company’. Her two published songs are: “Era tradhëti” dhe “Solo”.

Ges Rabo discovered his singing talent, when he was 4-5 years old. His first artistic engagements were in school concerts and activities. At “Tirana Art Fest 2019”, he was the winner of “Best Male Vocal”. He has also participated in theatrical competitions, as an actor and director, in which he has won prizes. He has realized some original songs, the last project “Meno”, accompanied by a videoclip. He also performs Live in various musical venues in Tirana. Ges Rabo took part in “Kënga Magjike 2021”, in the New Artist category.