EXCLUSIVE: Irma Libohova is coming back to “Kënga Magjike” festival after 17 years!!!

When we talk about the singer, Irma Libohova, whoever adores music, connects her songs with different memories of one’s life. In a series of decades of art and creations, Irma has always stood there, with her main foundation – the voice. She numbers countless participations and prizes in various festivals, as well as eight  successful albums, marking her as the first Albanian singer to have published genuine albums. One other strong point of Irma Libohova is writing song texts, which have described not only love, but have also been inspired by various periods of social developments in the country, by significant events happening in the Albanian territories, by actuality, etc.

It is important to mention that Irma Libohova was a participant since the first edition of “Kënga Magjike”  in 1999, as well as winner in two other editions, respectively in the year 2000 with the song “1000 ëndrra“, a duet with her sister, Eranda Libohova, and in the year 2004 with the HIT “Prapë tek ti do të vij.”  It was precisely the year 2004 that marked “the end of the chapter” for the singer. Celebrating her win, Irma declared that she would not participate in festivals anymore, a decision that she followed rigorously until now. But, as it seems, the tittle of the song “Prapë tek ti do të vij” “has had a destined warning”. What will be the theme of her song this time? Be prepared, because Irma Libohova is going to share her magic with us this Sunday: “There is always a reason or some great inspiration after such returns”.