EXCLUSIVE: “The innovation brought by Ardit Gjebrea in “Kënga Magjike 2022” revealed.

For years and decades, “Kënga Magjike” Festival has brought innovation regarding the latest technical, scenographic, visual and other aspects of technology. Over the years, the culture of making performances graphically has brought the desire to go further. If “rain on stage, in the 2005 edition”, 3D visual effects, other phenomena, such as fire and wind, real-time transmission in the highest  quality seem new to you, reveals the novelties that Ardit Gjebrea will provide this year.

The innovation that “Kënga Magjike 2022” festival will bring to the 23rd edition is the practice of the “CuePilot” system; a system adapted to the standards of the “Eurovision Song Contest”.

• What is “CuePilot” system?

 CuePilot was created by internationally renowned filmmaker, Per Zachariassen, founded in 2005 in Copenhagen Denmark, as a response to the need for accuracy and consistency in “live” broadcasting, thus reducing expensive rehearsal time. In other words, a system that enables the highest visual and televisual technique.

This creative system designs and manufactures innovative software and equipment to be used in professional broadcasts, to perfect performances between rehearsals and the “live” show, so that the entire team of singers, dancers and cameramen blend together “live”. “CuePilot” system, with a global team, has executed more than 1000 “live” shows, which have been seen by hundreds of millions of viewers.

As every year, Ardit Gjebrea brings a variety of innovations to “Kënga Magjike” Festival.