EXCLUSIVE:The Slovenian representative at Eurovision festival will compete at “Kënga Magjike” this week.

The producer Ardit Gjebrea has posted a story today, showing us a singer rehearsing in his office and under the writing, the Slovenian flag. 

The moment to unveil another surprise has come:

“A Slovenian male artist, who has represented his country, Slovenia, twice at Eurovision festival, will compete at “Kënga Magjike” this week. 

But, who is the singer of the “BIG International” category?

Omar Naber is a very well- known name, not only in Slovenia, but also in Europe.  The songwriter Naber shares a wide range of stage experiences and has a 25-year career, in which he has won prizes and has received various appreciations.

His musical career started at 16 years old.

In 2005, he represented Slovenia at Eurovision festival, an experience that he repeated in 2017, becoming the first male singer in Slovenia to compete at Eurovision twice.

We exclusively unveil his song, entitled “Bring back”, which will have its premiere this Sunday.