“Five surprises from “Kënga Magjike 2022” festival revealed, just before its start.

“Kënga Magjike” festival “breathes”, when the competition emotions are felt by the singers and the audience, as well. In addition to the return to the “autumn-winter” season, this new festival edition promises other surprises that will be discovered week after week. Not yet officially started, kë reveals the first five, among many other surprises.

•1-The official starting date of this edition is September 18.

The song presentation phase starts on this day. Each song of the “Big” and “New Artist” category will be presented every Sunday, during “E diela Shqiptare” show, moderated by Ardit Gjebrea.

•2-Ardit Gjebrea presents the new system for the 23rd edition.

Yes! True!

After many technical, visual and artistic innovations, for the first time in Albania, “Kënga Magjike 2022” festival will apply the “CuePilot” system; a technique and camera system used in the most prestigious shows in the world, even for the “Eurovision Song Contest” – An innovative system and technique, aiming at the visual presentation, enabling maximal artistic quality during “live” performances.

• 3- The geographical area will be more diverse than ever.

This will be the most diverse edition, in regard to the artistic flow. In the “Big” and “New Artist” categories, singers from Italy, France, Spain, North Macedonia, Greece, Azerbaijan, the United States of America, and from other countries will give their performance. That will be revealed over time.

•4-The jury will get reformed.

This edition promises a reformation of the jury members of the “New artist” category.

Jonida Maliqi and Kozeta Kurti will continue to be members of the jury, while the new members added are: Anxhela Faber, Ema Andrea and Pirro Çako.

•5-“Kënga Magjike” has its own media space.

Unlike other editions, “Kënga Magjike” festival of this year will function as a media space. Throughout each week, on the official website and the official social networks, exclusive news and interviews will get published, including confessions, other surprise revelations, etc. Every week, on the official YouTube channel, artists’ interviews will be displayed, as well as vlogs, and behind-the-scene events.

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