Get ready!… “Kënga Magjike 2022″ Festival starts!

Yes! True! The starting date of the 23rd edition of “Kënga Magjike” Festival is revealed.

“Kënga Magjike” remains the most prestigious festival of the Albanian modern music, now not only nationally, but also internationally.

In these 23 years of life, many different artistic names and generations have experienced the magic of this festival. In each edition, there have been novelties  in the Albanian Pop music, in regard to art, performance, different musical currents, showbiz, dedications, debates, collaborations or artistic reunions.

On May 29, 2021, the 22nd edition of the festival was finalized with the announcement of the winner, Alban Ramosaj, with the song “Thikat e mia”.

Last edition ended with a statement from the festival’s producer, author and moderator, Ardit Gjebrea: “We’ll get back next Autumn”.

Exclusively, “kë” reveals the starting date of the 23rd festival edition, but also many other innovations in its regard.

This year, “Kënga Magjike 2022” festival will start on September 18,  on Klan TV. The singers of the “Big” and “New Artist” categories will be presented every Sunday during the weekly show, “E Diela Shqiptare”, moderated by Ardit Gjebrea. The members of the jury of “Kënga Magjike 2022” will be: the singer-songwriter Pirro Çako, the actress Ema Andrea, the singer Jonida Maliqi, the “Acromax” administrator Anxhela Faber and the journalist Kozeta Kurti.

Unlike the previous year, in which, due to the pandemic situation, the final nights were held in the studio of “E diela Shqiptare” show, this year, the festival and the final nights will be held in November at the Palace of Congresses, right where the magic of music was initiated, in 1999.

As for the artists, this festival edition promises a reunion of different artistic generations, who will return to the stage, mixing nostalgia with the modern and also  cultures from different countries. When it comes to “Kënga Magjike”, there is no way missing  BIG names.

This 23rd edition will bring to the stage 26 BIG Albanian artists and the geographical artistic scope will also expand, in which many well-known international names will complete the range of artists in the “BIG category” and not only.

“kë” – a media space, where news and interviews from various artists will be exclusively posted, without leaving aside, as well, the weekly space of “live” interviews, vlogs and behind-the-scene summaries regarding festival.

Another innovation exclusively  revealed is the practice of the “CuePilot” system of the “Eurovision Song Contest”, in the visual and televisual aspect…

Thinking we’re done with that?…For now, get ready! Leave the rest to “Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival.