Inis Neziri comes with a dedication: “Më kanë thyer zemrën.”

She is back! Inis Neziri shared her melody with us. A powerful ballad, the same as Inis’ emotions. Someone has “stolen” the singer’s melody, and surely such a feeling is better expressed through a song.

Exclusively for “Kënga Magjike”, Inis Neziri unveils that her song is a personal dedication.

“This song is a dedication from the heart. Someone called me “melody” and then left me with “no pentagram.” He grabbed my heart and broke it”, – the singer said on Sunday.

She continued that, out of her repertory, her ballad is the most meaningful, as it is a personal narrative story.

We remind you that this is Inis’ third participation at “Kënga Magjike” festival. We hope it is also the best.