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“Is it October rain or Orgesa’s tears?.”

“The legend tells that, if it rains in September, Orgesa’s is the fault.”
Orgesa Zaimi is the third “Big” category singer, who opened “Kënga Magjike 2022”.
She has participated in this festival since 2006 with various musical streams, from rock to pop, pop-folk, etc. The singer is well known for her particular style and charismatic personality. In the 23d festival edition, she has decided to make us “wet” with rain. Her song is titled “Shiu i Tetorit” and her intention is clearly displayed – she wants us to experience some melancholy.

For the third year in a row, the formula of the collaborators is the same. The innovation with Orgesa’s participation is that, beside the rain, she comes with a different performance. During the programme “Aldo Morning Show” she said:
“When you have a new project, you create an emotion and you develop it. It is hard work, starting from January. For the first time, I come with a different performance and a selective choreography. I have always thought to bring more of myself, in each interpretation.”
The question is: “Is such rain a metaphor of Orgesa’s tears?”
The drama lovers would have liked a positive answer, but even in this case, Orgesa has got an answer. In the “mini-interview” regarding the backstage of “Kënga Magjike” festival, Orgesa said:
“My love during September-October is so sweet, like all the year.”
The singer always shares her personal life with her fans, various family moments of everyday. Besides this, she has become a very dear character in “TikTok” platform, in which she makes different funny videos.
She says: “I have never considered doing that as a monetary profit. The positive comments and energy I get from my posts is enough for me.”