New International Artist-en


He comes from a film background, getting a degree in Film & Media Arts; specializing in screenwriting and acting.  Before going to American University, he was the voice of a cartoon character on the Nickelodeon show, “The Backyardigans”. He used his earnings to make award winning films about social issues within the United States.
Throughout his filmmaking journey, he has written poetry and short hip hop songs, out of interest. He would incorporate some of the songs in his films as the theme song of the soundtrack. After graduating and searching for a studio, he came across Invite Only Studio, where he sat down with “Doc” and he dissected his music. Doc helped him for Itsy Bitsy of the album, Planet Jensen. Planet Jensen is a project designed to show the versatility of his songwriting & lyrical ability. Coming from a film background, he wants each song to feel cinematic.