Klinti Çollaku: “There is no joke in love.”

Klinti Çollaku opened the fifth week of competition at “Kënga Magjike”. His song “Si t’ja bojm’ na” brings the singer to another rhythm dimension. 

“As an artist, I call it Rebirth, because I have mostly sung ballads. This time, I have decided to appear differently”, Klint said.

On the other hand, besides the song rhythm, the verse is also an attractive element.

“Si u lidhëm ti dhe unë, njëri tjetrin si durum’ boni bum-burubum.”

As it seems, Klint is experiencing an aggressive love, full of dilemmas. 

Interviewed by, the singer said that the tittle of the song is addressed to “her” (who does not know what to do, in order to be with Klint). 

He said the song unveils him in the everyday life: a sarcastic Klint, full of energy and jokes.

On the other hand, he says that there is no “joke” in love.