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Leotrim has graduated Musical Art at Tetovo University, but his artistic experience dates back since he was a child. In 2010, he became a member of “Xheladin Zeqiri” cultural association (Tetovo). He has performed in various concerts, in European countries, like in Turkey, Bulgaria, Bosnia, etc. Leotrim was part of “X factor Albania”, where he was ranked the 6th, out of 12 finalists. He has been very active on the musical stage, performing in various events: concerts, TV stations, artistic associations, in Albania, Kosovo, and Northern Macedonia. His artistic experiences include even his role as a choir conductor and lecturer of musical subject in public and private schools. He was awarded New Artist 2019 by Cult Association. In 2020, he was selected as one of the ten New Artists on RTV 21, Kosovo. Leotrim was also chosen to participate at the #VoiceOfYouth campaign, by the Youth Forum of US Ambassy in Northern Macedonia. He was awarded Best Artist in the Balkan Festival 2021, in Kumanova, where he received “Naim Latifi” prize.