Mishela Rapo started her musical career when she was eight years old.
She was the finalist of “Gjeniu i Vogël 4”. She is, as well, a three-time
participant at the “National Children’s Festival”, Shkodër, in which she
was prized three times: the Best debutant, winner of the 50th festival and winner of “Inva Mula” prize. She won the first prize in the Children’s festival in Tirana, in 2015 and represented Albania in the “Junior Eurovision 2015”, ranking the fifth. She won the Turkish Language Olympiad, representing Albania in international festivals in Turkey, Australia and, this year, in Germany and Denmark. She is the text writer of two songs in the “Junior Fest Albania” 2016 and 2017 festivals. She had published nine new video clips, together with her three participations at “Kënga Magjike” festival. She has also taken part in “100 vjet muzikë” spectacle, in the “Muziklan” musical, in “Maratona e Këngës” show, etc.
Mishela has graduated the Artistic Lyceum and now she works as an Assistant Professor at the University, specialized in Business Administration. This is her fourth participation at “Kënga Magjike” festival, with the song “Zonjusha Anonime”.