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Reunion after 14 years. Gresa and Bledi sing: “Zemër për zemër”.

In each edition, “Kënga Magjike” festival has been a promotor of duets. Through years, various singers have joined forces to realize their duets. The first duet that is unveiled in the 23d edition of “Kënga Magjike” festival is “Zemër për zemër”, by Gresa Gjocera and Bledi Kaso. The “sweetness” of Gresa and the vocal “harshness” of Bledi principally look like a contrast, to become later as a whole…

During “E diela shqiptare” show, Ardit Gjebrea said humorously: “You have the dinosaurs’ symptoms”.

This because Gresa Gjocera returns to “Kënga Magjike” stage after 14 years. Her last participation was as a vocalist of “Fever” group in 2008. Years have passed by and now Gresa is looking for a “meeting” with the stage. Her companion is Bledi Kaso, the singer from Korça.

Being interviewed by kë staff, Bledi said: “Singing with Gresa is like swimming above stars.”

It is worth mentioning that both artists come from different multi-year experiences of singing Live and now it is time to reflect such experience at “their meeting” in “Kënga Magjike” festival.