Rules of participation in Kënga Magjike 2021

The songs that will take part in “Magic Song 2021” will be submitted to TV Klan only on March 1 and 2, 2021.
Songs must be original, unheard of before and created especially for “Magic Song 2021”
The songs presented in “Magic Song 2021” should not be longer than 4 minutes
At the Kenga Magjike festival, the age of performing artists is up to 65 years old.
In the Festival “Magic Song 2021”
, performing artists sing “Live” in both phases of the festival. “Albanian Sunday” and “Nights
Finale ”on the stage where the Festival will take place, on the orchestral basis previously registered. Only voices are allowed in the orchestral base
backvocals and not the vocal line of the solo voice.

– After the Performing Artist is notified that his song has been accepted at the Festival he is ready at any time to present the competing Song in the show “Albanian Sunday” after being announced at least 48 hours in advance by the Festival Producer and / or his Staff. The deadline is not changeable by the Performing Artist.
– The Performing Artist must have the song ready for presentation including live / live performance and any accompanying performance elements as part of the competing song.
– During the interpretation of the song by the Performing Artist, if there are technical problems the latter interrupts the interpretation until the problem is repaired. If the song ends as a performance before the jury, the Performing Artist can not raise claims for technical problems.
– After the participating-competing song is interpreted / recorded, the Performing Artist has no right to withdraw from the competition and / or request its non-broadcasting in any of the stages of the Festival until its end.

The songs participating in “Magic Song 2021” are subject to a cooperation contract between the Festival Producer and
participating artists, who have the right to

By Category


The “Big” category includes the artists who sang in this category in the final and semifinal nights of the Magic Song Festival from 1999 to 2019.

In the “Big” category include only the first place winners in: “X Factor”, “The Voice” and “Top Fest”,

In the “Big” category belong only the winners of the first 3 awards of Fest RTSH.

In the “Big” category, the production based on a commission that invites, can consider the singers who have over 10 million clicks on their songs on YOUTUBE.

In the “Big” category are the artists whom the Jury of the New Artist category qualifies directly in this category.

If young artists, have won or are gaining for two editions of the festival the right to vote on the semi-final nights alongside the “Big” artists, they automatically pass to the “Big” category for the next Edition and forever.

The “Big” category includes all artists of the New Artist Category, who are voted by colleagues to perform on the Final Night.

Product of the Magic Song Festival, has the optional right to choose one of the songs of each Edition, to spend it on the Final Night by putting the name in an envelope at the end of Night 2.

The Festival Jury decides also based on Internet polls which Big Category artists make on the Semi-Final Nights

New Artist

1. In the category “New Artist”, belong all artists from the age of 16 – 40 years

2. In the category “New Artist”, are included all those who do not meet the conditions for participation in the category “Big”, but who want to participate in “Magic Song 2021”.

3. The category “New Artist”, presents the songs before the jury in the first phase which takes place within the program “Albanian Sunday”. In case of further qualification, the Jury of this category will announce the artists who will spend the Semi-Final evenings.

4. In the Semi-Final Night 1 and the Semi-Final Night 2 the artists of the “New Artist” Category will be evaluated again by the Jury, the same of the first phase. This Jury decides which artists have the right to vote and be voted on for the Final Night.

5. If an artist of the category “New Artist” gains 2 times the status to vote, then he automatically gains forever the status of the category “Big”.

6. Despite the votes of the artists themselves, the Jury of the “New Artist” Category, has the right to pass to the Final Night, only one of the artists of the “New Artist” Category. Her / his / their / name is placed in an envelope at the end of Semi-Final Night 2 and declared only on Final Night winning the “Best New Artist” Award.

7. The jury of the “New Artist” Category, has the right to give young artists the permanent status of transition to the “Big” Category, even if it is not voted by fellow artists. This, if it happens, will be declared on the Final Night.

8. After the “Magic Song” Festival, seeing the votes of the artists and analyzing the performances on stage, Fastival Production has the optional right every year to give the status “Big”, only for one or two of the artists of the category “New Artist”.

9. If a New Artist singer participates in a duet or trio with a Big Artist, despite this, when he competes in the next editions, he will be back in the New Artist category until a jury decision.

10. The Festival Jury also decides on the basis of Internet voting which artists of the New Artist Category go to the Semi-Final Nights


Interational Artist

In this Category participate artists who come from foreign countries and have non-Albanian nationality.

They compete in both the Big category and the New Artist Category, where as a basis for this serve mainly the same criteria as for Albanian artists.

For the Big International category, a special commission is set up by the Festival Production, which decides that based on the activity and the artistic level, the artist can be part of this category or not.