Rules of participation in "Kënga Magjike 2022 Festival"

The songs that will participate in the “Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival shall
be submitted to Klan TV only on 23 – 24 May 2022. Any delay in
submission after these dates shall cause the non-registration of songs by
the Commission of Admission.

The songs shall be original, not heard before and created only for
Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival.

The songs presented in the “Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival shall not be
longer than 4 (four) minutes.

In the “Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival, the age of interpreting artists shall
be up to 65 (sixty-five) years old.

In the “Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival the interpreting artists shall sing
“live” in both Festival phases: at “The Albanian Sunday” ( E diela
shqiptare) and at the “Final nights” (Netët finale), on the stage where the
Festival is taking place, on a previously registered orchestral base. Only
the back vocals shall be allowed in the orchestral base, not the vocal line
of the singer.

The songs participating at “Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival shall be subject
to the Contract of Collaboration between Festival Producers and
participating artists, who own the right to sign on the song proprietorship
or on behalf of their producers.

The songs shall be presented in a Compact Disc, USB or by email, as a
concluded production, accompanied by the respective text and musical

Singers participating for the first time shall submit a photo of their own
accompanying the material.

Songs that will not be included in the Festival shall remain free to be
used by the artists.

Every interpreting artist shall own the right to compete with only 1 (one)
song in the Festival.

The production studios shall be free to present unlimited songs at the
Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival.

The admitted songs shall be performed in the first phase of the program
“The Albanian Sunday” (E diela Shqiptare). Later, the qualified songs
shall be presented in the second phase: during the final nights of the
Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival.

The interpreting artists shall be present on the disposal dates announced
by the TV production, to interpret their songs on one of the Sundays
during the first phase, as well as in the Final Nights, in case of being
qualified, including rehearsal days, various festival shootings, etc.

In the “Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival, the artists shall take into
consideration that, during one of the voting moments, they will express
their own votes openly and declare their voting at the Final Night.
For the artists that live outside the Albanian territory, the Festival
Production shall cover the accommodation and food expenses in Tirana,
only for the days communicated by the production itself, on which the
artist is present during the first phase and, in case of being qualified,
during the second phase, as well.

The Festival Production shall not bear the costs of other expenses,
except for the main artist interpreting the song.

By Category


In the “Big” category, the artists that have participated in such a
category in the Semi -final and Final Nights of “Kënga Magjike” Festivals
from 1999 to 2015, but on the condition that they have had an on-going artistic activity. In the Big Category, as well, participate those artists that have taken part in the final nights, starting from 2016 and on.

In the “Big” category, shall take part:
– only the first place winners of “X Factor”, “The Voice” and “Top
– the winners of the first 3 (three) prices of Albanian Radio
Television (RTSH) Song Festival.
– the artists that have reached the final night of the Song Festival in
RTSH for two years in a row.


In the Big Category shall participate the artists, who have a
distinguished and on-going career of live concerts, as lead singers and
not just as supporting singers at famous artists’ concerts, for a period of
more than 10 (ten) years.
In addition to, these artists should have continuously taken part in the
most important TV programmes and specific programmes dedicated to
them on their national TVs, to have had performing songs only for them,
assessed by the public.
To evaluate all these elements, a special Committee shall be called, in
order to assess whether the artist meets all these demands, in order to
participate in the “Big Category”.

In the “Big” category, all the singers of “New Artist” category who
have interpreted during the Final Night of one of the “Kënga Magjike
Festivals, according to the voting system, shall take part.

The Production of the “ Kënga Magjike” Festival owns the facultative right
to choose one of the songs from each edition to pass to the Final Night,
enclosing the name (in an envelope), at the end of the second night.

The Festival Jury shall decide, based on internet voting as well, which
artists from the “Big “ Category shall pass to the Semi-final nights.


New Artist

In the “New Artist” category, all singers from the age of 16 to 40 years
old shall take part.

In the “New Artist” category, all singers, who do not meet the
conditions of participating in the “Big” category, but who wish to take
part in “Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival, shall take part.

The “New Artist” category shall present their songs in front of the Jury
during the first phase, held within the program of “ The Albanian
Sunday” (E diela shqiptare). In case of being further qualified, the Jury
of such category shall announce the artists that pass to the Semi-final

In the Semi-final 1 and Semi-final 2, the singers of “New Artist”
category shall be assessed by the Jury again, in the same way as during
the first phase. This Jury shall decide which artists have the right to vote
and be voted during the Final Night.

In case one singer from the “New Artist” category won the status to vote
two times, automatically he/she shall earn the “Big” category status

Despite the artists’ self voting, the Jury of the “New Artist” category
shall own the right to send only the winning artist of the “New Artist”
category to the Final Night.

The Jury shall own the right to award the singers of the “New Artist”
category the permanent status of passing to the “Big” category, even in
those cases when not voted by the other colleague artists. Whether
possible, this shall be announced during the Final Night.

After the “Kënga Magjike” Festival, considering the artists’ votes and
analysing their stage performance, the Festival Production shall own the
facultative right to award the “Big” status only to one or two singers of
the “New Artist” category every year.

If a singer from the “New Artist” category shall take part in a duo or trio
with a Big artist, but despite this, when he/she competes in the next
editions, again he/she shall participate in the “New artist” category,
until the Jury makes another decision.

The Festival Jury shall decide, also based on internet voting, which
singers from “New Artist” category pass to the Semi-final nights.


Interational Artist

In the “Big” category and “New International Artist” category, the set of
rules mentioned in the category guidelines on the official page of
Kënga Magjike 2022” Festival shall be valid.

Songs presented by foreign artists at “Kënga Magjike” 2022” Festival shall
be new songs, created only for this Festival or other songs published on
YouTube or other digital platforms, starting from 1(one) January 2022
and on.

If the participating song appears to have been published before, i.e. from
1 (one) January and on, it can have participated in national competitions
or festivals of the respective countries, but not in international music
competitions or festivals in Europe or around the world.

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