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“Sara Bajraktari is back, with a dedication to betrayal.”

We liked her, we got to know her, we sang her songs, but, when we were waiting for the next song, she disappeared. But not for long, Sara Bajraktari is back to the stage as a “BIG” singer, artistically grown.
Though very young in her career, Sara Bajraktari is considered as one of the most powerful voices. Let’s recall year 2019, in which she won the third prize in “RTSH 58th Song Festival”, with her song “Ajër”, a dedication to her father. After that, here comes the other song, “Ça m’bone”.
Exclusively, the singer unveils that this song is a dedication to “his” betrayal. “Ça m’bone!” speaks about love that has ended, maybe underlying her own love story. On the other hand, being interviewed by Ardit Gjebrea, she declared that she would have participated again in the “New Artist” category with no problem, unless she was classified as “Big Artist”. It shows that the competition spirit is rooted in Sara.
One thing is sure – her song will be a dedication to all the broken hearts