“The divorce topic brings Irma Libohova back to stage”.

It was the beginning of 2005, when Irma Libohova triumphed at “Kënga Magjike 2004” with the song “Prapë tek ti do të vij.”

The moment when she was enjoying her success, she declared that she would not take part in festivals anymore.

Until this year, because the song “E jona” brings Irma Libohova back to the festival stage.

A return of this kind bears a very strong inspiration. Irma reveals the topic of the song that marks her return to stage:

“I have seen a child accompanied by each of the parents separately; one week from his mother, one week from his father. It made me understood that something was wrong  with the couple. Together with the author of the song, we thought to recreate the same scene I had witnessed and the best place to share the message is “Kënga Magjike” festival. That’s why I am here”.

Such a social problem like the divorce, brings Irma back to the festival stage, with the call for family union, in which love is solid. But, above all, through her song she wants to talk to parents about the consequences the divorce has on children.

 Besides the message and her concern as an artist, Irma has also shared details from her private family life. Asked by Ardit Gjebrea on Sunday, if she has ever had any “divorce risks” with her husband, she replied briefly:  Never!

The singer shared one of her most difficult moments of her life, as well:

“Me and my husband worked together in the USA. There was a period when everything was chaotic, people came back and forth, and my little son asked me to take him there.

I had a job contract and it was impossible for me to turn back. Every day I heard the same word from my son “Take me there”. I was forced to leave my job, as my son had a constant temperature and he did not want to go to school. So I left the tour and returned to Albania.”