“They have made me cry” – Xhesika Polo tells the story behind her song, “Lotët e mi”.

Xhesika Polo is competing at “Kënga Magjike” festival for the seventh time. Her song is entitled “Lotët e mi” and is created by her brother, Marko Polo and Alban Ramosaj.

On the Sunday of the 8th competing week, the singer showed how one of the most particular songs of her repertory was born.

“Let’s say that its content is a true story. I have experienced a very difficult period during the last two-three years. For me, this song is very important, because, for the first time,  I am telling and singing what I have really felt.”

Asked by Ardit Gjebrea who the person that hurt the singer is, Xhesika stated:

“I wouldn’t say the text is dedicated  to only one person. It refers to a lot of people, who made me have tears in my eyes; some intentionally and some not.”

We remind you that “Lotët e mi” marks Xhesika Polo’s seventh participation at “Kënga Magjike” festival, in whose editions she was awarded with various prizes, like: “Çesk Zadeja”, “Best Vocal”, “Çmimi i Produksionit”, “Best FT”, etc.