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“Why my sister is my Fairy”…?
Erik Lloshi speaks about his family relations.”

Erik Lloshi, in his 9th participation in “Kënga Magjike” festival, left the romance and ballade nostalgy behind and decided to appear differently, with rhythm.
His song is entitled “Zanë moj”, a song that has Mediterranean motives and speaks about the beauty of Albanian girls. In its text, Erik says: “My Fairy, love me/love me the same”.
At first, you would think it is a love dedication, but, in this case, it’s the singer who unveils the truth.
Asked by Ardit Gjebrea who his “Fairy” is – his mother, sister, partner – the singer answered honestly.
As rarely happens, Erik talked about love and family relations:
“I love all the three, but I would call my sister “Fairy”. She has been the one to have got me acquainted with my partner, has also been the “connecting bridge” between my family and me.
My sister has strengthen my family connections, has interfered in “various family conflicts” between me and my parents. She has always dedicated herself to the family’s happiness.”

Surely, after such a sincere confession, the song remains a love inspiration for the Albanian girl and beauty.
We recall that Erik Lloshi has taken part in nine “Kënga Magjike” Festival editions, specifically, with the songs:

•”Ti dhe unë” (“Kënga Magjike 2011”)
•”Si dukem unë pa ty” (“Kënga Magjike 2013”)
•”Diku të kam parë” (“Kënga Magjike 2014”)
•”T’kam bërë të qash” FT.Anxhela Peristeri (“Kënga Magjike 2015”)
•”Të gjeta ty” (“Kënga Magjike 2016”)
•”Mos urre” (“Kënga Magjike 2018”)
•”Zhgënjimin kisha” (“Kënga Magjike 2019”)
•”Ta vodhën zemrën” (“Kënga Magjike 2021”)
•”Zanë moj” (“Kënga Magjike 2022”)