EXCLUSIVE: Two co-presenters of “Kënga Magjike” final nights unveiled.

In 23 life years “Kënga Magjike” has not only been the home of many artists, but also the promotor of various media figures in co-presentation.

Exclusively, kë unveils the names of two Albanian beauties, as co-presenters of the 23d festival edition.

They are: the moderator Eva Murati and the actress Olta Beqiri.

The two TV girls will join forces with Ardit Gjebrea during the four final nights of “Kënga magjike” festival, which will be held at the Palace of Congresses in November.

Eva Murati comes from a long experience as moderator. Her career started when she was 15 years old. Through years, she has presented various TV formats, engaged, as well, in some cinematographic productions, as an actress.

Olta Beqiri is one of the most promising young actresses. Kristel, her character in the serial film “Snob”, as the main role, is on of the most beloved characters of the film. On the other hand, she is one of the most “IN” personages of “TikTok” platform, numbering thousands of followers.

Together with Ardit Gjebrea, they will be the trio keeping us stuck in front of the screen, during the four final nights of “Kënga Magjike” festival. Let the magic start!