“Gaetano Castelli reunites with Ardit Gjebrea”

Gaetano Castelli, a loyal collaborator, but at the same time, displaying a different character in each edition..

One of the most important elements that creates “magic” in “Kënga Magjike” festival is the scenography.

Over the years, the best Albanian and foreign scenographers have joined forces to bring a new spirit to the scenography of Albanian festivals. Through different years and editions, there has been no lack of peculiar scenography, with different stellar elements, such as planets. One of the most iconic experiments in the festival scenography was the rain on stage, as the basic detail of “Kënga Magjike 2005”.

In 2008, “Kënga Magjike” festival takes another turn. The legend of Italian television scenography, Gaetano Castelli, joins the magic of the festival.

Again, Gaetano Castelli will join Ardit Gjebrea for the 23rd festival edition of this year.

Exclusively for kë, Castelli talks about the 14-year collaboration with “Kënga Magjike” festival.

He says:

“We have further grown, looking towards the future with every passing year”.

Based on this statement, it seems that this year’s scenography will really bring surprises, while RAI master humorously adds that his Italian colleagues are “envious” about this special collaboration with “Kënga Magjike”.

All that remains is to wait and see the magnificent transformation  Castelli will bring to the Palace of Congresses.

Let’s recall the five most commented of  Castelli’s scenographies:

1•”Kënga Magjike 2008” Scenography

For “Kënga Magjike” fanatic followers, the 2008 scenography marked a revolution in the history of the festival. For the first time, one of the most important figures of Italian TV, came to Albania to put his magic on stage: a  scenography that brings to mind the waves of the sea, the blue of the ocean.

2•”Kēnga Magjike 2012″


For the first time, led screens dominated the stage, enabling the presentation of accompanying graphics and special effects.

3•”Kënga Magjike 2014” Scenography

Dreaming to see a spaceship on stage? Well, “Kënga Magjike 2014” edition brought one of the most talkative scenes.

4 • “Kënga Magjike 2016” Scenography

If 2014 brought us a spaceship on stage, in the 2016 edition, Castelli masterly made the design inspired by the stars: a constellation dedicated to the stars of “Kënga Magjike” festival.

5•”Kënga Magjike 2018” Scenography

In 2018, Castelli came up with the proposal to expand the scenography. The Palace of Culture had rarely experienced such reformation, to bring out a GIANT scenography!!!